9 Tricks to get back your sex life

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Starting up this blog, I want to share some  ideas on how you can  get your partner fired up again if your sex life has stalled. Here are nine very specific ideas about what you can do:

1) Be sensitive and aware of your partner. If you say directly: “Should we spice up our sex life?” It can easily be perceived as criticism.

2) Touch each other. People who have been in a long relationships touches often at each other when they have sex. By introducing the frequent contact again in the form of kisses, hugs and moderate-in-hand will both be more attentive and turned on each other.

3) Think sexy. Send sexy and romantic text messages to each other during the day.

4) Go out and buy sex toys and erotic films, magazines, books and games together. Challenge each other and explore each other’s fantasies.

5) Create a good atmosphere. Stress and laundry, kills the romance.

6) Dress up for each other. Surprise the other instead of pulling in jogging pants or faded t-shirt.

7) The bedroom is not the only place to have sex! What about the kitchen, bathroom, hallway or living room. Again, use your imagination – it surprising place, time setup can often seem like a fine spice.

8) Be realistic. Do not expect to go from the classic missionary position once a month for a sexy triangle several times a week.

9) Be careful. Arrange small hints or signals between you who can complete the activities you are doing, if it does not work so well.






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