Artificial Intelligence Must Became A Language – One That Is Spoken By All Students


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not the buzzword of the future. It is now a reality to be found in the present.Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a futuristic idea and is already an actual reality.problems While there’s been plenty of debate regarding its potential negatives but it also is able to address some of the biggest issues that we have to deal with, like climate or maybe even the global issue of health. But of course this depends on many factors which include who decides what problems to address.How can we make sure that the Al systems are fair and ethical? Who decides the issue of whether Al will be working for us or cooperate with it? If we can answer those questions, it will determine how we live ourlife.

To create an Al-powered, socially progressive society students must beand able to go beyond the simple knowledge of using Al in the context of technical skill. The goal is to transform them into AI producers, not consumers. They should think of new and creative ways to improve their lives.

combine Al’s power Al to address larger, structural issues that plague our society. The problem is in the following question how can we adapt our educational systems to be able to capitalize on this chance?

Get involved

What we must determine is how we can be focused on developing problem-solving people who can benefit from Al instead of making students who are technically adept in Al. It is imperative to move beyond thinking of Al as an “com- puter science” module. What can we do to achieve this?

Students must be challenged to recognize the bigger, social issues that they could tackle in a way in line with their own interests.

Artificial Intelligence must become a language that is used by all students

to multilateral international frameworks like to multilateral frameworks for international framto- lizations like the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations This may be improved to students by presenting them examples of how AI is being utilized to tackle similar issues related to climate change, healthcare and agriculture. across different countries and at the same time connect them to tech- nical experts who can help them prototype their ideas.

Interdisciplinarity and participation

The Al wave must be different from previous technological developments that were introduced into the curriculum of schools. Python was, for many, was taught to students who were interested with Compu ter Science and lent its self to the development of Python-ready workers. One of the most crucial aspects to be sure of is the involvement of studentsgraduates from various fields, including Biology, Psychology and even arts. What exactly is this influx of diverse

The fields that can be facilitated by Al. open dialogue between students in order to come up with innovative ways to make use of Al.

Al is not a specialist field that is only specifically for “computer nerds”. It needs to be an official language that is used by students of all ages. We need the leaders of Al not merely minded users or back-office technologists. We are looking for a generation of leaders who make use of Al to develop solutions to address the major issues that plague our nation and to define its future development. Although starting early in school is a way to achieve this but it can also be achieved only if we concurrently focus on developing accountable Al leadership at the local level, and provide them with coaches and mentors to guide the way.

The author is the co-founder and founder of the 1M1B Foundation (1 Million for 1 Billion Foundation) and a Global Ambassador for the Sutardja Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of California, Berkeley.

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