chicago truck accident lawyer


chicago truck accident lawyer

Although semi-trailer commercial trucks are commonplace across in the United States, the massive size and weight of these trucks poses a risk for other motorists, motorcyclists as well as pedestrians. Truck drivers must be trained and licensed in a specific manner and trucking companies are required to adhere to regulations that protect the general public. When laws and regulations are not adhered to grave or fatal accidents involving trucks could be the result.

In Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC We understand the severe injuries that could be caused by a collision the tractor-trailer truck. we have experience in helping victims obtain settlements for the damages caused by negligent truck drivers as well as trucking firms. We strive to ensure all our clients get compensated and know how to present an argument against all responsible organizations. We’re dedicated to enhancing public safety by holding those responsible for the damages the victims have endured.

Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents
The causes of truck crashes can be many causes, but the most common types of negligence that can cause serious injuries are:

Fatigue of the driver and mistakes Trucking companies frequently permit drivers to bend rules and regulations to get their cargo delivered as fast as they can. Drivers could be tempted to keep driving past their limit of operation, or drive their vehicles in unsafe ways to meet the requirements of their employers which could compromise the safety of other drivers in the roadway.
Speeding Semi-trucks require more length of time before they slow and stop as compared to other passenger vehicles. If truck drivers are driving at speeds that are unsafe they may not be able react promptly enough to prevent the possibility of causing an accident.
DUI and use of drugs Drug use and DUI Driving under the influence can be dangerous for any vehicle however it is much more dangerous when it is done by drivers of trucks. Alongside alcohol-related impairment, truck drivers can decide to fight fatigue by making use of prescribed drugs or other over-the-counter medications that could have a significant impact on their capability to safely drive. The company could be held accountable for failing to implement systems for alcohol and controlled substance testing program.
Inability to recognize dangerous road conditions. Accidents could happen when truckers fail to consider weather-related issues like rain, snow or strong winds or when road damage or other factors create unsafe conditions for driving the vehicle.
“Fastrack” Routing – Trucks can be scheduled to get to the destination in a manner that calls for the truck to operate at speeds beyond the limits set by law to ensure that it is “on time.” In these instances, businesses are liable if drivers cause injuries to others while trying to meet the deadlines.
Employment and Hiring – Businesses who do not screen their drivers or hire those who have a poor background could be held responsible if the drivers are involved in accidents. This obligation does not end once the hiring process has been completed. Businesses are legally required to follow a range of federal regulations pertaining to the licensing of drivers, their suitability, and roadworthiness.
Incorrectly loaded cargo If the truck is loaded improperly or if cargo is not adequately secured or moves in transit, it could cause the truck driver losing control over their car. Other motorists could be seriously injured when cargo is dropped off a truck while traveling.
Incorrect maintenance Commercial trucks need to be regularly inspected and maintenance needs to be carried out to ensure they operate in a safe manner. If maintenance isn’t done properly, it could cause the breakdown of vital safety systems and put everyone at risk in the roadway.
Failure of equipment – Even if the truck is maintained properly, defective parts or equipment could result in brake failure and tire blowouts. It can also cause steering system failure, trailer decoupled hitches, dropping and shifting cargo each of which can result in serious accidents in motor vehicles.

The 4 most significant dangers associated with trucks.

  1. The wheels are crushed and dragged beneath the wheels

Accidents involving trucks are a grave issue. Accidents involving trucks can be fatal for truck passengers as well as other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. The feeling of being crushed can be a terrifying experience. It’s often the last thing that people want to happen when involved in a car accident. Most truck accidents are caused by negligent truck driver which causes the truck to be out of control. truck accident lawyer chicago

  1. A person is struck by a vehicle

Accidents involving trucks are among the most serious car accidents and if they happen, there’s a high possibility that you’ll sustain an injury or even end up dying. The massive dimensions as well as weight implies they are able to easily smash cars and the injuries caused by a truck crash could have lasting effects.

The help of a attorney for a truck crash can help you fight against insurance companies and get you the compensation you’re entitled to. In this article, we’ll discuss the definition of a truck crash as well as how it happens and how you can avoid one.

  1. The accident, the vehicle’s spillage
    Accidents involving trucks are very serious and could cause catastrophic injuries, and even death. If you are involved in a crash with a truck the last thing you would want to do is to be pulled under your wheels, or crushed under the weight of the massive vehicle. Studies have shown that there are numerous factors that make it more likely for an accident involving a truck and consequent injuries. They include
  2. A truck smashed into a tailing

Accidents involving trucks can be a real risk on the road and can result in serious injuries. Many truck drivers are aware of the size of their vehicle. But accidents do occur and when they do, it could be a nightmare for the people who are involved. Based on State Farm, more than 50% of fatalities that occur in a truck are in the rear of the car. It could result from a variety of reasons , such as distracted driving, a lack of vision, and blind spots. No matter the reason an accident involving a truck can be very devastating.

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