Credit card with home delivery


Credit card with home delivery :-

Tinkoff Bank offers a unique opportunity for you to obtain a Tinkoff Platinum card at favorable terms without ever leaving your home. You can apply online for a Tinkoff Platinum credit card. It will be delivered right to your home and sent free of charge.

Credit limit – up 300,000 000 rubles Customers who use credit cards regularly can increase their debt limit to 2,000,000 rubles.

Maximum 55-day interest-free loan term

Flexible payment terms. The only restriction is that the monthly payment must not exceed 6% of the amount owed.

Revolving credit line. Within the credit limit, you can make multiple purchases and pay for services. Revolving credit is available on the Tinkoff Platinum Card. It can be used again once the entire amount or part thereof has been returned to the bank.

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