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Hurricane Ian tracker

Hurricane Ian tracker: Follow the storm’s progress towards Florida with this powerful tracker

Hurricane Ian tracker

Hurricane Ian was expected to strike the western tip of Cuba as an extremely powerful hurricane before becoming a Category 4 hurricane with winds of 140 mph in warm Gulf of Mexico waters. It then heads west towards Florida.

According to Monday’s reports, Tampa and St. Petersburg were the most likely targets to receive a direct hit from a major hurricane since 1921.

In the Tampa Bay region, a surge of up to 10 feet ocean water and 10 inches of rain was forecast. Some areas could see as much as 15 in. This is enough water to flood coastal communities

MH = Major Hurricane: A hurricane which is classified as Category 3 and higher.

H = Hurricane: A tropical storm in the which the maximum sustained wind using the 64 kt 74mph is the average for a 1-minute and 119 km/hr is the maximum.r . For tropical cyclones in the Northern Hemisphere east of the International Dateline to Greenwich Meridian, the term hurricane is used.

TS = A tropical storm in whose maximum sustained surface wind speed (using a U.S. 1-minute mean) is between 34 kt (39% mph or 63% km/hr to 63kt (73mph or 128% km/hr).


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