Hyderabad culture- i❤️ Hyderabad


The city has become cosmopolitan as a result of the presence of the information technology industry while preserving ancient culture and traditions. Historically, Hyderabad has been the intersection of the various cultural and linguistic traditions of North India and South India. The inhabitants of the city observe Hindu and Muslim traditions. Women in Hyderabad tend to wear either traditional Indian dresses, saris, or, more commonly, Salwar kameez especially among the younger population. The traditional female costume is Hara Dupatta and Shalwar Qamis, and for men, it is Sherwani. The annual carnival in Hyderabad includes the annual immersion of Lord Ganesh’s idols after ten days of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at Ananta Chaturdashii (known as Ganesh Nimajjanam). This spectacular holiday attracts foreigners every year. The local Bonalu festival is celebrated on a grand scale. The Muharram procession takes place annually on the 10th Muharram (1 month of the Islamic calendar). Although during this event the Shiites of the entire Muslim world are in mourning, a great procession is taking place in Hyderabad in which participants donate their blood by making an incision in the head, chest with the sharp edge of weapons (knives and swords). Local cuisine is a mixture of Mughal and Persian cuisine. Hyderabadi Biryani is a famous dish of this region. Sweet cereals are consumed during the Deepawali festival, meat dishes traditionally eaten during the holy month of Ramadan, sweet dishes cooked with noodles and milk are popular. Indian sweets are made from ghee. The shops sell traditional Pullareddy sweets. There are many Iranian cafes on the streets that offer Persian tea, Persian samosa and Turkish biscuits. Western, Italian, Mexican and Chinese cuisines are popular in the city. The city also has some of the best pubs in South Asia, which often feature trance music.

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