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Louise Lombard (born Louise Marie Perkins 13 September 1970) is an English actress from England. She is famous for her portrayals of Evangeline Eliott from The House of Eliott, a BBC television drama The House Eliott (1991-94), and Sofia Curtis in the CBS drama series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2004-11)

Education and early life Education and early life
Lombard was born in Redbridge, London, England. She was the fifth of seven children. She has a sister who was former soccer player Declan Perkins. She is a former footballer.
Lombard began to take drama classes at the age of eight. She was a student at Trinity Catholic High School, a Roman Catholic school, where she graduated with nine O levels. Lombard took a course in English literary studies during her time at Cambridge University.

louise lombard
louise lombard

Lombard is most well-known for her role as the character Evangeline Eliott during the 90s drama on television called the House of Eliott. Her debut break came in the popular series Chancer. Afterward, Lombard was later cast in the TV dramas Bodyguards and Metropolis and various films like Gold in the Streets, My Kingdom, and After the Rain.
In 1994 Lombard was named among People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people around the World. From 1998 until the year 2000, Lombard went on leave to pursue a degree in English literary studies and English literature at Cambridge.

In 1998, Lombard played the role of a character in Tale of the Mummy in the film Tale of the Mummy; in 1999, she appeared in the movie Esther together alongside F. Murray Abraham. In 1999, Lombard played the lead role as a character in “After the Rain alongside Ariyon Bakare, Paul Bettany, and Peter Krummack.

In 2004 Lombard was featured in the movie Hidalgo.[3In November of that year, Lombard started a new recurring role in the TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in seasons five and six. She first appeared in Season 5, episode 7. (” Formalities”), in which she played Sofia Curtis, an investigator from the Crime scene detective who eventually becomes a murder detective. In September 2006, during Season 7, in the Season 7 premiere (” Built to Kill, Part 1″), Lombard began a regular role that she played all through the season, up to its conclusion (” Living Doll”). In September 2007, Lombard appeared as a guest star in the Season 8 premiere (” Dead Doll”) and was named the Special Guest star.
As of 2009, Lombard played the role of a backdoor in the episode pilot from NCIS: Los Angeles that premiered in the sixth season of the main NCIS series, episodes 22 (“Legend Part 1”) and 23 (“Legend Part 2”). She was the special agent Lara Macy in charge of the NCIS Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles.

In March of this year, TVLine announced that Lombard would take on the role of Sofia Curtis on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in the Season 11 episode “Father of the Bride,” aired on 28 April 2011. The episode also revealed that her character was elevated to Deputy Chief.
As of 2014, Lombard played the lead role in the initial pilot of The Lottery, a Lifetime post-apocalyptic drama series, The Lottery.

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