Beggin’ For More! Your Biggest Maneskin Questions Answered


Damiano David’s uneasy men were the only thing the viewers could see of Maneskin’s “Supermodel” performance at the MTV VMAs 2022 on Sunday night, following a wardrobe malfunction.
In the first few seconds of their performance, the television abruptly slowed down to a glimpse full of seats around 40 seconds when their bassist’s top was seen falling off, and her breasts showed up completely.

According to the photos, Victoria De Angelis had changed positions towards the front of the stage while the crowd of dancers was forming around the group.
But, as the crowd moved and danced, her top dripped at her waist, completely showing her.

The show had to go on. The young man, 22, just played the bass for a while, and the cameras moved away toward the band.
Fans who had no idea about the dress’s malfunction immediately took to Twitter to express their confusion and displeasure over MTV’s decision to make a creative choice.

“MTV regrets you didn’t choose to perform! There were empty seats repeatedly played! What’s up with you!? They ruined their performance. I’m begging Maneskin to apologize!” tweeted one viewer.
“I I Nicky can mimic masturbating on the stage; however, Victoria de Maneskin can’t show a nipple covered? Seriously, VMAs? ” tweeted another, referring to Nicki Minaj’s risqué performance.

“kinda, I’m f-ked they were cut off because VIC’s top,” observed another. “you did not even switch the camera for the other three people. You just completely shut them down. unfair.”
In-person audiences could see the Italian rock band’s performance viewers at home only saw David’s hot pants. At the same time, he danced his hips throughout the show.
“We are watching you, @thisismaneskin! #VMAs” MTV News tweeted alongside Damiano’s booty shake.

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