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Lord always supports his people


was a rich man. He made a boat to roam alone in thHe built a boat and set out on his own on the sea.. On the day of the holiday, he took a boat and went for a walk in the sea. I had reached a little further in the sea that suddenly a strong storm came. His name was completely destroyed but he jumped into the sea with the help of life jacket. When the storm calmed down, he reached an island hurriedly. But there was no one there either. Except for the water, nothing could be seen surrounding the island. That man thought that when I have never done bad to anyone in my whole life, then why did this happen to me? That person felt that if the Lord saved him from death, then only the Lord would tell the way ahead. Slowly he started spending the day eating the leaves and leaves that grew there. Moral story God’s Love

And now slowly his tears started, his faith started rising from the Lord. Then he thought that now he has to spend his whole life here on this island, so why not make a hut..?? Then he made a small hut out of trees and jaggery logs. Where in his mind did he get to sleep in the hut from today, he will not have to sleep outside from today. It was night that suddenly the weather changed and the lightning started thumping loudly. Then suddenly a lightning struck the hut and the hut started burning. Seeing this the person broke down.

Looking at the sky, he said, or Lord, what kind of justice is this for you? Why didn’t you perceive my plight? Then the person got frustrated and started crying with his hand on his head. Suddenly a boat came near the island. Get out of the boat, let two men come out, and say that we have come to save you. Seeing the burning hut in this deserted island from afar, I felt

that someone is in trouble on that island. If you don’t burn your hut, we don’t know if there are anyone on the island. Tears started falling from that man’s eyes. He apologized to the Lord and said, “O Lord, what did I know that you had burnt my hut to save me. Surely you always take care of your servants. You tested my patience, but I got lost in it. forgive me.”


Moral Story

Yes, a man can get angry with God once, but God never gets angry with a man. He always does well Often such situations happen to us too, we get completely disappointed and get angry with our Lord, God. But then later we come to know that – God had done good, otherwise I would not have been here today.

Has the addiction caught you or, have you caught the addiction? short story with moral lesson


how to get rid – Moral Story

A wine lover came to Acharya Vinoba Bhave, the leader of the Bhoodan movement, and with folded hands, started pleading, what should I do, Mahatman, this liquor does not leave me at all, please tell me any remedy by which I can get rid of this addiction.

Vinoba Bhave thought for some time and then said – well you come tomorrow but I will come to call me from outside.

The next day that person came to Vinoba Bhave and gave his voice from outside, only then Vinoba Bhave said from within – this pillar is holding me, how can I come out?

Hearing this, the person was surprised and looked inside and saw Vinoba ji himself was holding that pillar. He said that you yourself are holding the Mahatman pillar, when you leave then only you will be separated from the pillar.

After listening to him Vinoba ji said, this is what I wanted to explain to you that alcohol can be released but you do not want to leave it. When you leave the wine, the wine will also leave you.
After that day the person did not even touch the liquor.

We are so stupid, on every problem we pass the mistake on to the other. It is said that it happened because of him, this story is a perfect example, on addiction. There is no such thing in the world, which has held us, if there is sorrow in our life then only because of ourselves, and how can it be resolved.
Because we tell the reason for this to others. From today you should take a vow in your mind that whenever any problem comes, I will analyze it completely, what is the reason for it, what is my relation with it. Remember, everything has a reason for some reason. Hope you were successful in making a positive transformation in your life from the Sikh story of this story.

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