Premature ejaculation – Start-stop Technique

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Premature ejaculation – Start-stop Technique

What is premature ejaculation ?

When a man is stimulated sexually – indirectly or directly – he will usually erection. Continued stimulation of the penis – for example, by masturbation or intercourse leads after short or long time to release.

Some men get very fast release. This can cause problems in the sexual relationship if the partner needs more time to come up with and even ejaculate.

Since his release at the same time leads to erection wholly or partially disappear for a time, and the desire might also can cause problems in the sexual relationship nuisance to both parties.

It happens almost any man in between. But if the problem of premature ejaculation continues for a long time and almost every time, and if it affects sex life in general, you should look to do something about it – like with his partner.

It is a good idea to talk to your doctor about it or may be referred to a marital therapist. The common problem, because it is a common problem that must be addressed together, and it is not something that man can handle alone.

How to treat premature ejaculation?

Treatment – if you can call it that – usually consists of several parts. We will later be doing an  article on sensory training. Until this article is done,  it might be an idea to try to remedy the problem of premature ejaculation at a so-called stop-start technique.

How does the stop-start technique work?

  • Remember that in the case of an exercise and not part of a sexual intercourse. No kissing or tampering or otherwise in advance. Even afterwards.
  • You are naked and relaxed on his back. Your partner sitting or lying next to you. Or sit between your legs apart. Also nude. You are passive, while she is active.
  • She caresses you – touch you with his hand – so you get an erection. You concentrate solely on her caresses and the sensations and the sexual tension that can arise. She does it gently and lovingly or harder if you prefer. But it is she who set the pace.
  • When you feel the sexual tension increases, and your ejaculation approaching, you say stop, so you do not get trigger.
  • She keeps up immediately to touch you – let go – and the sexual tension subsides. Raising reduced maybe you calm down and you can feel that you do not get the trigger right away.
  • Then she begins again to touch you, then you again get an erection and increasing voltage and is about to come to you again say stop. In this way, stops and starts in three times. But the fourth time in this context charm. She continues to release you.
  • So it is what is called “stop and start” technique.

How often should you repeat the exercise?

Repeat the exercise as often as you like and opportunity. But remember, you are always passive, and she alone is active. And to think that there is an exercise that is not part of a sexual intercourse. It is not “allowed” to add or continue to caress her, even if both you and she would want it. If she needs to go further to even have an orgasm, she must do it alone, without your assistance or presence. You have the need to concentrate on your own problem without having to provide anything to her.

When you are ready for intercourse?

  • As you learn to control your ejaculation better, so it takes longer and longer until you say stop. So it is time to step caressing.
  • She can use a water-soluble cream, hand lotion or oil, for example, almond, as she lubricates at hand before she starts touching you, she can also use saliva or mucus from the vagina. In this way, slipping his hand easier when she is not on your limb, and you get the feeling that resembles a little about when you’re inside her during intercourse.
  • After some experiments with stop-start in this way, you can also do it. And there is still a long time from the time she begins to touch you to feel the impending release turns out, you begin to control it. It gives you confidence.
  • And then the time may come when you try an actual intercourse. You still lie on your back, and she sits over you gently and quietly.
  • Maybe your excitement in the situation so much that you immediately are recovering. So you say stop and then she immediately get off again – for a short while. So over again until you can control yourself.
  • Once you feel that you re-mastered your craving for release, she moves gently up and down, just for you again say stop.
  • I will start when you are ready again and continues three times. Only the fourth time continue on to you ejaculates. But remember that such intercourse and intercourse alone is on your terms and for your sake. She is your active partner who only get the joy of helping you. Only when everything is in place and you get a better handle on the trigger, you can amuse yourselves as it suits you.
  • If you agree, and if your partner feel to it, it’s a good idea to her before or after a technical stop-start intercourse with ejaculation – for a while – stimulated by you, or themselves, to release . But remember that during the intercourse, it is only your feelings and your release, it is all about.

This stop-start technique must be considered as part of a treatment by a marital therapist. M can test yourself, but the best results when you do if you also have a professional adviser who you can talk to about everything that might also be used in your sex life.


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