Diana’s fans gathered to celebrate her death 25 years ago.


To mark the 25th anniversary of her death in a Paris car crash, Diana’s fans have left tributes outside her Kensington Palace home.

LONDON — On Wednesday, 25 years after her death in a Paris car crash, fans of the late Princess Diana paid tribute outside her Kensington Palace home.
A display of white chrysanthemums that spell out “Princess Diana” was among the many photos and messages left behind by admirers. Some even made annual pilgrimages to the spot in memory of the tragedy.
“We just came here to do the memorial, and we just chatted about things she used to do, to… let people understand that we will not forget the princess, that we will never forget her sacrifices,” Julie Cain, 59, said. She traveled 300 miles (480 km) from Newcastle, northern England. “We want her legacy to continue for as long as we can.”
At 36 years old, Diana died on Aug. 31, 1997. This shocked people all over the globe who believed they knew her after watching her struggles and successes on television screens and front pages of newspapers for 17 years. The small tributes left at Kensington Palace on Wednesday remind us of the flowers mountain after Diana’s passing.
Diana was the center of media attention from the day she got engaged to Prince Charles until her death. The stories about her fairytale wedding, the ugly divorce, and attempts to start a new life made headlines.

She transformed from a shy teenager to an international style icon. She befriended people living with AIDS, charmed Nelson Mandela, and walked through a minefield supporting the drive to eliminate landmines. She taught her sons William, Harry, and Harry how to communicate with people and remain relevant in the 21st Century.
Cain and Maria Scott (51) paid respects to Diana on Wednesday morning as dawn broke over the palace. This is exactly what they do each year.
“There was something about that girl that stood out. Scott stated that she watched Scott’s wedding, the fairytale princess. “And, you understand, she was part of your daily life because you saw that every day on television. She was featured in magazines and newspapers. She was everywhere. You felt like she was a part of your everyday life.”

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