Sex throughout life

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When does sexuality start?

Sexuality occurs when you are born. You feel heat, proximity, body contact and touch. Mon sucking its mother’s breast and are provided with both thirst and hunger. Sexuality is not just something with genitalia, but part of the whole that surrounds a person and as a human being.

As anyone who has been nursing infant boys know they get many times during the day all by itself uprising, which decreases by itself. Perhaps it is also true that baby girls can develop similar reaction with a certain tension and swelling around and clitoris.

During the first year of life develop both little girls and boys special moves with their pelvis with muscle tension followed by relaxed calm. This can be done several times a day and may be particularly pronounced in healthy and safe children, which may also be the most interested in direct masturbation.

When does masturbation start in a persons life?

From six to seven years of age begins boys regularly masturbate, and when puberty approaches, more than half tried it – either by their own impulse or through play with peers.

The girls start somewhat later, although some little girls have quite interested in their genitals. Whether you want to call it masturbation is another matter. Otherwise, they often begin around puberty. Curiosity perhaps more than actually craving get girls to try.

While 80 percent of the boys reported having masturbated frequently when they are 16 years of age, has only half as many girls similar experiences. Only after 20 years of age when girls up on the 80 percent.

Men and women masturbate often in life – some more than others. Even at 70 years of age masturbate more than 25 percent of both men and women.

When do people normally start having sexual intercourse?

Most have had sexual intercourse before the age of 25 years. Only a few percent have not tried it or had similar sexual activity.

The time of the first sexual intercourse has moved somewhat downward over the past decades. In 16 years of age, about every third boy and girl had sexual intercourse. Girls start a little earlier than boys. The next two years are just as many. And the rest seeing the first intercourse during the next three – four years.

There are many who boast of their sex life. And there are even more who believe in the stories. This means that young people may feel helplessly lost because they believe that their peers all have a wild and violent sex life with lots of different partners.

There are also a few who have. But the truth is that most life has few partners – perhaps five – some less and some more.

The very young have intercourse 2 to 3 times a week.

After age 50 decreases the frequency perhaps once a week or less.

When are you too old for sex?

Many have very ripe old age continues to be a satisfactory sex life. And if you feel like there is nothing wrong to continue even beyond the 70 and 80 years. There is no limit if the desire is maintained by both parties.







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