Straight Men’s Lingerie Fetishes

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Straight Men’s Lingerie Fetishes

Straight Men’s Lingerie Fetishes,Many men have fetishes that include wearing women’s lingerie.  While many people may think that the only men who wear women’s lingerie are gay men this is simply not true.  Many straight men love the feel of the silk on their skin just as much as women do.  Others need to feel this material in order to get a sexual release.  Finally there are those who simply want to see their women wear the lingerie so they can have it as a souvenir afterwards.  Below is a greater description of the types of straight men and their lingerie fetishes.

Wearing Women’s Lingerie

Many men like the way lingerie feels and looks on their skin and they want to experience what women do when they wear it.  It makes the men feel a little bit sexier in the same way that women feel and there is really nothing wrong with it.  This type of underwear is made to be thin, to breathe and to feel great next to the skin.  There are very few types of men’s underwear that offer this type of material that feels as good against the skin.  This type of man many also enjoy wearing women’s panties rather than men’s because of how it makes them feel.

Sexual Gratification Only When Wearing Lingerie

There are those men who can only feel sexual gratification when they are wearing women’s under garments and they have a hard time becoming satisfied without them.  These straight men feel the need to have this material next to their skin in some way while they are having sexual relations.  It is important for them to find a woman who is not intimated by this fetish and luckily there are many women who find this very sexy.  They do not mind their men wearing lingerie and even go so far as to purchase it for them so the man in question does not feel embarrassed by making the purchase.

Men Who Want Their Women in Lingerie

Finally there are those men who simply want to see their women wearing sexy lingerie whenever they are being intimate together.  Some may only want their women to wear sexy panties that they can take with them as a souvenir.  A used panty fetish is very common and the men who have this fetish use the panties as a way of reliving the sexual encounter later down the road.  Some men are embarrassed by this fetish so they may actual steal the panties or lingerie rather than simply asking for it.  Many women would not have a problem wearing the panties or lingerie that the men buy for them so they don’t have to buy them when they are stolen. It is very common for straight men to have a fetish for women’s lingerie and they may enjoy wearing or seeing their female partners wearing these sexy pieces of clothing.  Lingerie is made to feel good against the skin and offers men a chance to know what it is like to feel like a woman once in a while.

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