The man’s sexual responses

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What is sexual feelings? 

Sexual feelings comes from within and is a part of life itself. Neither prayers, spells or cold washes can remove the sexual feelings or prevent them from coming to terms in some way.

Most men have unconscious sexual feelings and thoughts many times a day. And at night – in his sleep – just like that. To wake up with an erection and even ejaculation know most.

Sex is as natural and necessary part of life, such as hunger and thirst represents vital needs.

What is sexual stimulation? 

Sexual stimulation will on the other hand from the outside. It may be something you see, hear, read or marks on his body. And the thought alone may be sufficient. Men can get an erection without using your hand or other devices just by closing your eyes and thinking intently at something lascivious.

What is the man’s sexual responses? 

  • The man’s sexual responses can be divided into three. First comes the excitement of increasing sexual arousal. Then comes the orgasm phase with ejaculation, and finally comes relaxation phase. 
  • It starts with the fact that you feel at ease and warm skin, while your muscles in the body tighten enjoyable. The flow of blood to the genitals, so you get an erection. The purse is thickened and puckered, while the testicles move up towards the crotch. 
  • A drop of clear liquid butter turns out maybe at the tip, while the foreskin slides back. The nipples rise and may become permanent. 
  • At the same time increases the heart rate and blood pressure. You may feel the blood throb in your veins. And at least you can see it on the penis, which grows, dunking and jump slightly to the beat of the pulse. 
  • The head of the penis rises further, becoming darker, almost purple-red. 
  • You start breathing faster, the skin on the body and face gets more color and warmth. You may begin to sweat. The tension in the muscles of the face and all the way down the body increases. 
  • Gradually, the sexual tension so great that the orgasm is approaching. The release can no longer be held back, and sædudtømmelsen begins. The semen comes in fits and starts 3-5-8 or more offensive with barely a second apart – quite rhythmic due entirely involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles and around the anus. 
  • Prior to this, the semen collected in the upper part of the urethra ready for departure when the final release comes. Semen consists of sperm coming from the testes and seminal fluid, which originates predominantly from the kastaniestore prostate with small seminal vesicles situated below and behind the bladder high in the abdomen. From the prostate is connected to the upper part of the urethra so the sperm can get out that way. The semen is not something with urine to do, even if it comes out the same way. 
  • After the release marks the man very quickly a heartfelt satisfaction and tranquility. Raising decreases rapidly, the penis becomes soft, testicles return to their normal resting position, the body and its muscles relax, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing becomes calm. 
  • Fatigue sets in, and the end of the day, many men fall very fast asleep.

Can you have sex several times in a row? In some cases continue sexual play after a short rest period, and especially young men are quite quickly able to regain full erection and ejaculation. The release can be just as good and intense, but semen decreases from time to time by frequent orgasms – and as you also lose a part of the desire which first comes back at full strength after a rest. 
Unlike women multiple orgasms in rapid succession, and without pause a rarity. And so women and men here too different and differently decorated.




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