The woman’s sexual responses

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The woman’s sexual responses

What is sexual feelings?

  • Sexual feelings comes from within and is a part of life itself. Neither prayers, spells, cold ablutions or exhortations to eliminate sexual feelings or prevent them from coming to terms in some way. 
  • Sex is as natural and necessary part of life, such as hunger and thirst represents vital needs. Sex is just natural for women as for men. Women have just as much pleasure and as often sex as men. 
  • It’s just not always when men want and on their terms. There is probably some men who have difficulty understanding. And when the sexual desire comes from within, one can easily be misunderstood if the desire is not there right here and now. But it must be men find themselves in! 
  • The opposite also happens regularly that the woman has the desire, while the man is lethargic. But it’s just as natural. It should she put up with. For a time at least.

What is sexual stimulation?

  • While the sexual sensations all comes from within and is a part of living, then comes the sexual stimulation from the outside. It may be something you see, hear, read or marks on your body. 
  • The tank alone may be sufficient. Women can have sexual feelings and feel the moisture in the vagina and crotch or heat sensations in the body, without using your hand or other means, but just closing my eyes and thinking intently at something lascivious.

What is the woman’s sexual responses?

  • The woman’s sexual responses can be divided into three: First comes the excitement of increasing sexual arousal. Then comes the orgasm phase of ejaculation. And finally comes relaxation phase. 
  • It starts with the fact that you feel at ease and warm skin, while your muscles in the body tighten enjoyable. The flow of blood to the genitals, so you feel that your labia swell up a little. You may feel also that the clitoris grows slightly from maybe ærtstørrelse and to double. And you can feel the shaft of the clitoris, which can be felt through the skin in front of or above the clitoris becomes firmer and maybe a little thicker. 
  • Perhaps, you feel that you get wet between the labia, because lubricating fluid from small glands, and because the vaginal wall, so to speak sweat fluid. Already half a minute after the sexual stimulation is started, the mucous membranes wet in many women. 
  • At the same time increases the heart rate and blood pressure. You may feel the blood throb in your veins, also in the groin and around the clitoris. The color of the mucous membranes especially of the labia minora – becomes darker and can be almost purple. 
  • The breasts swell up again in some women more at others less. And the nipples can rise and become tense. 
  • Gradually, when the sexual tension its maximum. At the same time swells lower third of the vagina wall up, while the square at the top of the vagina increases. The uterus is lifted involuntarily up and enlarged, without you noticing it. 
  • On the other hand m staying shaft of the clitoris smaller and the tip of the clitoris can hide in the bulging labia. 
  • You start breathing faster, the skin on the body and face gets more color and warmth. You may begin to sweat. The tension in the muscles of the face and all the way down the body increases. 
  • Gradually, the sexual tension so great that the orgasm is approaching. The release can no longer be held back. One might spasmodic tension in the pelvic floor replaced by rhythmic, involuntary contractions of the lower part of the vagina and the pelvic floor muscles. It happens with barely a second apart, and items in 3-7-12 or more seconds before it fades out. 
  • At the same time the contractions of the uterus high in the abdomen and perhaps rear around the rectum. 
  • And while you may notice that consciousness fades easily, you stop breathing for a short time or utters involuntary sounds in your joyous and intense experience.

Is orgasm the same in all women?

  • Women’s orgasm has a different expression, and more differently than men, from time to time and after the stimulation that leads to orgasm. Thus, there is someone who talks about clitoral orgasm that someone feels a lot different than skedeorgasmen. Clitoral orgasm-triggered typically by masturbation and stimulation alone outside, while vaginal-orgasm comes during intercourse. What’s best, you can only decide for themselves, and maybe you will notice no difference.

What is the G-spot?

  • There are those who speak of a third type of orgasm that can be triggered by the so-called G-spot named after a German-American gynecologist named Gräfenberg. 
  • Some women, according to his theory and discoveries, a particularly sensitive place, a few centimeters within the vagina. It sits in the front wall of the vagina right near the urethra, which runs in front of the vaginal wall. 
  • Stimulating the G-spot sexually experienced woman a particularly intense orgasm with simultaneous departure of a liquid, as compared with the man’s ejaculation. Opinions on the G-spot, its presence and function remain divided.

What happens after orgasm?

  • Following a trip you may notice a heartfelt satisfaction and tranquility. The body and its muscles relax. Heart rate, blood pressure and breathing becomes calm. The breast swelling subsides, the nipples become soft again. The tension in the abdomen decreases. Fatigue may arise, and it is late in the day, you might fall asleep. 
  • But for many women keep the sexual tension also after intercourse. The desire dollars not to the same degree. They want to continue, cuddle on, talk and socialize unlike many male partners who have a hard time keeping up the spirits after ejaculation.

Can you have sex several times in a row?

  • For some women, the next sexual intercourse or the next orgasm perhaps an even greater enjoyment than the first. Some women may get one great orgasm, while others will have several surfaces before it fades out. Also in contrast to men, who are becoming more difficult to cope or live up to expectations. And so women and men so naturally differently equipped.





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