Vaccines for Disease Prevention That Have Forever Changed Humanity

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Vaccines for Disease Prevention That Have Forever Changed Humanity

Vaccines protect against illnesses by arming the immune system with antibodies prior to any potential encounter with infectious pathogens. While each illness spreads in its own unique way, vaccinations provide effective protection against deadly symptoms and death.

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, questions about vaccine research and development have entered the public domain. While detractors claim that vaccinations are a capitalist plot, many human lives have been spared since the first vaccine against infectious illnesses was created in 1896 to prevent the fatal smallpox virus.

This list refers to nine fatal illnesses that have been brought under control with the use of Vaccines that work:

Milkmaids who had recovered from cowpox, a lesser illness, were immune from smallpox, according to English doctor Edward Jenner. In 1796, he decided to develop an antibody formula against the then-dangerous smallpox.

Smallpox has since been eliminated, and Jenner’s greatest innovation, the vaccine, has saved about 530 million lives.

Unsplash/Smallpox Vaccine

Rabies is a viral illness of the brain caused by a dog or bat bite. It inflames the brain and impairs spinal cord function. After this point, it is almost usually deadly.

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